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Raising a family is tough. 

Lacks of resources, knowledge, and relationships challenge parents’ desires of cultivating optimal home environments where they and their children thrive.

The Wilkinsburg Family Support Center equips families with tools and support they need to grow healthier and happier, giving priority to developing and implementing programs most advantageous for children who are prenatal through 5 years of age.

Families may choose between two types of enrollment at WFSC:

  1. General Services Enrollees:
    • receive WFSC ’s monthly newsletter
    • participate in new/renewed programs & services
    • attend special outings and excursions
  2. Intensive Services Enrollees:
    • have the same benefits as general services enrollees, in addition to,
    • home visits with a Family Development Specialist
    • creating a Child Development plan, Parenting Plan, and Family plan
    • setting and accomplishing measureable goals for child, parent, & family

Additional WFSC Programs & Services

  • drop in activities - in the WFSC playroom, parents can engage in developmental and recreational activities with their young children in a stress-free environment
  • drop in support - parents participating in programs at the Hosanna House may leave their children in the care of WFSC while at the Hosanna House.  Two business days advanced notice necessary.
  • behavioral health support - A WFSC licensed therapist provides anger management, family counseling and related services.  Individuals requiring assistance for substance abuse related health needs are referred to other agencies through collaborative agreements.
  • advocacy and referral -WFSC staff locate, coordinate, and monitor necessary services for families based on family-defined goals
  • family reunification and visitation - WFSC staff is available to facilitate parent-child(ren) visits towards reunification
  • parenting education -our parenting courses range from general to custom, individual to group and are prioritized according to participant needs
  • Brothers of Faith - endeavoring to enhance the family and community through faith, this group of men meets biweekly
  • Loving Care - grandparents and kinship caregivers raising grandchildren and extended family members come together to learn, support, and encourage one another
  • healthy development - committed to making healthy development achievable, WFSC incorporates healthy lifestyle techniques in regular group meetings

WFSC facility resources include

  • Developmental playroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Family lounge (suitable for class presentations)
  • Computer room
  • Seven passenger van

Did you know?

  • The WFSC is governed, designed, and improved by participants and community members.
  • An internet accessible computer room is available for use by members of enrolled families and the Wilkinsburg community.
  • Space is available for use by enrolled families hosting special one time functions.