About PCHS


Dear Neighbor,

The doctors, nurses and staff at Primary Care Health Services, Inc. are committed to you and your well-being. We recognize that along with education, safety, food and finances, health care are a very important part of your life. It affects your ability to do all the things you and your family enjoys doing together, and for a long time.
Unfortunately, for many of us, health care is not given the proper priority. Not because it is not important, but because of affordability, access, time and fear.

At PCHS, we want you to feel welcomed and confident that you can get the care you need, in a convenient location, at an affordable price. We know that good health habits start with preventative services and timely shots, check-ups and physicals. As a health center providing comprehensive primary care, specialty care and social services, being a part of the community means we understand your concerns are here to help.

I am pleased to welcome you to our system of quality care, and invite you to share with me your experiences as part of the PCHS family.

David J. Hopkins

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.