Meet Our Providers

PCHS providers offer care for patients of all ages. Some of our providers have additional training to meet specialized healthcare needs such as women's health, sports medicine and podiatry. Please see the list below to learn more about our staff of trained physicians mid-level providers.

Family Practice

  • Dr. Felicia Beseka, MD
  • Dr. Daniel Lapp, MD
  • Dr. Andrew Lobl, MD
  • Dr. Mami Goto, MD
  • Dr. Jorge Quintero-Salazar, MD
  • r. Rabelais Tatchum-Talom, MD
  • Rachel Puchalsky

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Lee Neiman, MD
  • Dr. Diemthuy Bui, MD
  • Dr. Joan Diegal, MD

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

  • Beth Schwartz, CRNP
  • Melanie Huntley, CRNP
  • Qamara Luff, CRNP
  • Joyce Sadik, CRNP
  • Samantha Bently, CRNP
  • Denise Baker, CRNP


  • Dr. Shelia Ghanooni, DMD
  • Dr. Eugene Hester, DMD
  • Dr. Dana Bilohlavek, DMD
  • Karen Watts, RDH


  • Dr. Robin Sims, MD
  • Dr. Carol Duncan-Gloster, MD
  • Dr. Keith Pirl, MD
  • Dr. Swaroopa Anugula, MD
  • Dr. Pamelyn Francis, MD


  • Dr. Kathalyn Frazier, DPM


  • Dr. Aurora Miranda, MD
  • Dr. Robin Maier, MD
  • Dr. Amanda Cassandre, MD

Social Services

  • Kiva Fisher-Green, MSW,LSW