Community Partners


These are the people and organizations who support us in our endeavor to provide comprehensive, quality health care to our neighbors in Western Pennsylvania.


The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting donation, education and research, education and research for the purpose of saving and improving lives through organ, tissue, and cornea transplantation. CORE is one 58 federally designated not-for-profit organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the United States that works closely with donor families and designated health care professionals. They work to coordinate the surgical recovery of organs, tissues, and corneas for transplantation and facilitate the computerized matching of donating organs, tissues, and corneas. 


PACHC supports Pennsylvania’s Community Health Centers in the mission to provide affordable, quality health care for all. As the state primary care association (PCA), the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) represents and supports the largest network of primary health care providers in the commonwealth including Community Health Centers like PCHS. Since 1981, PACHC programs and services have supported health centers in their mission to improve access to affordable, quality primary care for all.