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A health information exchange is a service that allows your medical information to be securely sent between physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals so it can be available for your care when needed. The doctors and nurses who care for you at hospitals and other medical professionals need timely access to your medical information. That’s why Primary Care Health Services will offer all our patients an opportunity to use a Health Information Exchange. How is my medical information exchanged? Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals participating in a Health Information Exchange, have electronic access to a patient's medical information regardless of where those records are kept. If our organization does not participate in a Health Information Exchange, our patient's medical information will always have to be sent by fax or in the mail, which can cause treatment delays. Is my medical information protected? Yes, privacy and security safeguards are in place that meet federal, state and local requirements for keeping your medical information safe and secure. This security includes meeting the requirements for the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule and the HITECH Act.

What if I don’t want to make my medical information available? Your participation in the Health Information Exchange is voluntary. You have the right to choose not to have your medical information available through the “health information exchange” to other medical professionals providing care to you.
To request that your medical information or any sensitive information not be included in the Health Information Exchange is called Opt-Out. If you choose not to participate in the health information exchange your medical information will not be available to healthcare professionals or hospitals that are enrolled in the Health Information Exchange. We will be sending letters to all patients with more information about the Health Information Exchange. We will also send a letter to be signed and returned to Primary Care if you choose to Opt-Out.



PCHS can assist consumers with applying for an energy grant starting in October and running until grants are depleted.



For more information please contact:
Jacquie Sledge at 412-244-4755
Kimberly Spruce at 412-697-4697

Hours by appointment:

Items needed to apply:

  • Current utility bill
  • Proof of household income
  • Shut off notices
  • Proof of payments of $150.00 in last 3 months
  • Social Security number for rate payer

Certain times throughout grant period may have to show proof of applying for LIHEAP and CRISIS



PCHS Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Primary Care Health Services, Inc provides breast cancer education, awareness, and referrals for free mammograms though a partnership with the American Cancer Society and the National Football League. We can help you learn more about your risk for cancer and the importance of regular screening tests. To schedule your mammogram and to learn more about breast cancer awareness, support options, and other services, contact Jacquie Sledge at Alma Illery at 412-244-4755 or by email at