Wilkinsburg Family Support Center


Family Support Centers are community hubs where parents with children can attend programs, access resources, and connect with other parents. Wilkinsburg Family Support Center offers a unique menu of services based on the philosophy that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. The Center supports parents by working with them on parenting techniques and helping them achieve their educational and financial goals.

Parents with children five and under can participate in Parents as Teachers, a home-visiting program proven to be effective at strengthening the parent-child bond and preventing child abuse and neglect. Parents with children twelve and under can participate in the Nurturing Parenting Program which will be utilized for families in either home visits or center based programming.

Wilkinsburg Family Support Center helps families build protective factors by providing services in these core service areas:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Positive Parenting and Child Development (including School Readiness)
  • Keeping Children Safe at Home / Family Preservation
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency
  • Easy Access to a Seamless and Comprehensive Network of Services
  • If a family needs a service not offered by the Center, staff will refer them to a local agency that can help. Participation in Family Support is voluntary and completely free!
    Annually, close to 6000 children and their families are enrolled in one of 26 neighborhood-based Family Support Centers located across the county. Wilkinsburg Family Support center serves families with children living the borough of Wilkinsburg or in nearby communities when referred by an agency for a specific service. Enrollment in the center for specific services is based on availability of staff at the time of referral. The center is located in Hosanna House and serves as a collaborative partner to other agencies also housed in this community center.

    Wilkinsburg Family Support Center
    807 Wallace Avenue, Suite 205
    Wilkinsburg, PA 15221-2312

    Fax: 412-871-7991